24 January, 2010

Sleek Palettes.

One of my obsessions.. Sleek Palettes! I love these things so much, they are cheap, good quality, very pigmented and just amazing! They cost under a fiver for twelve eyeshadows, and they really are so good! It has been one of my missions to get them all, The full set including limited editions.

Here is what I have so far..


That leaves me one short.. *Sad face* One of the earlier Limited editions they brought out, the Jewels Palette. I will get it, somehow, from somewhere!

If any of you have one you don't want/use, Or if you know someone who has one for sale please let me know. I would love to swap or buy it from you/them! I would like it to be in fairly good condition although I don't mind if it has been used a little.

Is there anyone else out there like me, who loves these. Do you collect them too?


  1. I just bought my first palette today - the Storm one.
    Which one would you say is the best? xx

  2. Great post!
    I want them all, i only have thee orginal at the mo!


  3. Those look great - I sent you a text yesterday - have u changed number?

  4. Oooh, they are all pretty!

    Psst, apparently there's a new one out in Feb.

  5. Ahhh i have 3 :) I want graphite alot :(( like you with jewel. xx

  6. Pretty! I sent you a message on Twitter this week mentioning the Jewels palette but like I said the silver in mine has gone x

  7. Awesome collection, if I hear of the jewel palette going anywhere I will give you a shout.

  8. I have a jewels palette that i never use, i've used the silver a few times and swatched the others maybe once, If you're interested in it send me an email:


    I can send you a photo if you like

  9. Wow, what a lovely collection! xo

  10. I collect them too! I have all of them apart from Curious and Chaos. I'm contemplating buying them from ebay so I can complete my collection! :) x

  11. I love Sleep pallets too! I have ACID and it's sooo good!! Love mixing the colours and creating a dramatic look! Love the blog hun xx

  12. Those look lovely! :) Thanks for the post! And I love the colors, I actually need more color. I'm fully stocked with the neutrals now! <3

    Awesome blog, too! :)


  13. these look so good, i'd like to try them myself.

  14. I wish these were available in Australia, I think I'd sell my firstborn to get my hands on the Acid palette :P

  15. fab post!
    I have storm, they are so pigmented if you get any fallout you have to do all your foundation again =(



  16. wow thats alotta palettes. Thats the first i've heard of safari, was it LE?

    Must track it down in superdrugs haha


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